Wedding On The Water

Why Go For A Boat Wedding?


Deciding where to tie the knot can be an overwhelming task. The costs, the décor, the guests, photos – all of these things have to be co-ordinated and planned out while choosing a venue. Out of the many options available, we’re going to present a case for a yacht/ship wedding. We think that it has its merits, and balances the trade-offs (especially cost vs. view and uniqueness) pretty well.

Here’s why we think having your wedding on a boat is a great idea.

It’s different-
Most often, people tend to have their weddings at a church, a hotel, or some banquet hall. If the couple is outdoorsy, they tend to opt for a barn, or maybe a beach at most. Our point being, a boat or a yacht wedding is an unconventional choice for a venue, and that’s a good thing. You and your guests are more likely to look back at your wedding with fond memories.

It’s got a great view-This one’s a no brainer. Looking at the vast blue sea, so serene yet mighty, and sunlight (or moonlight) reflecting off it, and the sky – undeniably it’s a delightful view. And this is just one aspect of having a great scenery. If the surroundings are this good, it follows that the wedding photos will be pretty to look at as well. You and your fiancé could capture your romance against the vast expanse of the sea! Which leads us to the next perk…wedding

Accommodates varying budgets- One solid advantage of having a boat/yacht wedding is that it can cater to a wide range of budgets – so even with a budget wedding you’ll have a good view and great memories! You could choose a simple wedding on a small yacht, with fewer bells and whistles and fewer guests, or you could go big and have a lavish wedding on some sort of cruise ship.

Less Hassles-This is a huge plus. While planning out your wedding, having anyone take away some of your work is always welcome. The company which handles the yacht/wedding cruise will almost always provide all sorts of services for your wedding, including the food, décor, photographer, etc. And all of this can be customized as per your needs. Although again, this can be as per your budget too. If you have budget constraints, package deals will be available and they’ll be cheaper. The best part is, because everything you’d need is available from a single source, you need not fret much over planning and co-ordination. Just decide what you want, and co-ordinate with one party.

These are some of the advantages of having a yacht wedding. As we’ve explained, they give you amazing surroundings and fewer hassles at a reasonable price, and should be considered as an option.