Top 5 Boat Maintanence Tips

Owning a boat is a great adventure in itself.  Being able to get out on the water and enjoy the air and sunshine while drifting in the sea, or lake for that matter is one of the best feelings in life.  However, taking care of your boat and maintaining it properly will keep it safe and in good condition for a lot longer.  There are many things you can do when it comes to maintaining your boat.  These 5 boat maintenance tips are sure to be the most important when keeping your bought in tact and lengthening its life.

  1. Wash your boat regularly, especially when in salt water.  Anytime you take your boat out in salt water it should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water when you are done.  Salt water when left on your boat will cause fasteners, hardware, and metal to corrode.  When left on it will also damage your gel coat which helps to protect your boat against weathering etc.
  2. Check/remove propeller regularly especially during season.  If you have an stern or out board type boat it is important to check the propeller as part of your pre-launch routine.  It is also important during fishing season to use a deep well socket to remove the propeller completely.  This way you can check for ny debris or old fishing line that may be tangled up within.
  3. Inspect the propeller while you have it removed.  Making sure the propeller is free of nicks and dents can help you save on fuel efficiency.  Even the smallest dent in your propeller can cause a 10% decrease in your boat’s performance which in turns causes more fuel to be used.
  4. Oil Changes….Just like any automobile boats need oil changes too. Different style/types of boats require different period for oil changes.  A basic rule of thumb for most boats is to plan to do an oil change for every 100 hours the boat has been in operation or at least once per year.
  5. Keep the Hull clean! Keeping the Hull of your boat clean from any algae or other type of water scum will help with better fuel efficiency.  Less fuel put out is also better for the waters our boats are in.       

 These are just a few good maintenance practices you can get in the habit of to keep your boat clean and in good running condition.  These simple maintenance tips can also help you save a lot of fuel and money!