Spring Is Here..Prepare Your Boat For The Water!

Its that time of year again finally!  Springtime is upon us and you are ready to retrieve your boat from its winter storage place and get it ready for its first day out on the water this Spring.  What are the necessary measures to take to make sure your boat is 100% ready to set sail? Just as there are necessary tasks to accomplish to ready your boat for its winter storage the same goes for its return to the water.  We have compiled a list of the simple tasks to perform to ensure your boat is at optimal performance standards.

Physical Elements

  • Visual Inspection-VGive it a thorough visual inspection to assess any repairs or damage.  This means you need to check the hull for cracks, damage to the paint job, mildew or mold etc.
  • Screws & Fittings-  Next you need to make sure that all of the screws and fittings are well lubricated and tightened.
  • Repairs- Next you will want to focus on any repairs or fixes that need to be done
  • Good Washing-  Next you will want to take a mild detergent and give your ENTIRE boat a really good scrubbing. Make sure that the drains and scuppers are clean and free of debris or anything that may be clogging them
  • Wax Time- A good thorough wax job is in order.  Providing a top of the line wax job will help to ensure a protective coating against the many elements that come in to play while out on the water

Electrical/Mechanical Elements

  • Check The Battery- Especially if your boat has been in storage for more than one winter.  You may need to replace your battery and you will most definitely need to charge it.
  • Check gauges, light, and pumps while boat is running to ensure all are working properly.
  • Check Your Fuel- When fuel sits for too long or comes into prolonged contact with moisture or water it becomes contaminated.  Always refuel with fresh fuel and dump the older cointentens if you should fear any sort of contamination
  • Check Fluids Etc- Now’s the time to check your oil, spark plugs and filters ensuring all are in good condition or changed if need be.

As long as you stick to these overall guidelines as well as feel that your boat meets all standards you are ready to get out on the water.  Should you have any worries or are unsure about any part of your boat it is best to take care of all issues before attempting to set sail.