Protect Your Boat Hull With A Vinyl Wrap

There is nothing quite like purchasing a brand new boat. You love everything about your new vessel, the smell, the look, and the way onlookers admire it. However, the second you purchase it, you immediately begin to think of ways to preserve it. From the cabin to the hull, you want everything to stay in pristine condition. Although regular maintenance and cleaning will help to keep your boat looking new, there are other ways to prevent damage. Today we want to cover something that has been growing in popularity over the years, vinyl hull wraps. Boat owners have been vinyl wrapping their boats for decades to add graphics, change the colors and market a product or business. However more recently boat owners have opted for a hull wrap to protect the hull of their boat from corrosion, stains, and other unsightly  damage that can occur on the hull of the boat. Hull vinyl films can come in a any color, so they can change the color or your vessel, or hide any current discoloration. Additionally they can be clear and unnoticeable to maintain the factory look of your boat. Here are some examples from
















There are a lot of advantages to vinyl wrapping your boat. In addition to preventing corrosion, and unsightly damages caused by normal wear and tear, vinyl wraps also offer a great alternative to paint. From cost, to longevity, and to the customization options, vinyl wraps are typically a better investment than paint. Vinyl handles the elements a lot better than paint. From salt to sun, vinyl will maintain it’s color far longer than paint. Additionally if you take preventative action and get a hull wrap on your new boat, it helps you preserve the factory paint job of your vessel and helps to maintain it’s value. Preserving the factory paint job is one of the biggest reasons many yacht owners are opting for a hull wrap. However the customization is another big draw for yacht owners. From those who simply want a unique color or effect that is not available with paint, to those who want a stand out graphic to set them apart or brand their vessel with a name or design. All in all vinyl hull wraps are more than protection, they are fun and will make your boat personal to you.