Kool Deck Coating For Yoor Dock & Boat Ramp


Many of you avid sailors, boaters & water enthusiasts have probably experienced burning your bare feet on a scorching deck.  The point is to not wear shoes so you can move around easily with better grip and let’s face it you will be around or in the water, so what’s the point.  However, the burning of the sensitive soles of your feet is pretty painful. Although, after time most of us might agree we have become somewhat calloused from the repetitive exposure to this sun inflicted element. What if there was a way though, to move freely about the deck around your boat as well as up and down the dock completely barefoot.  Count me in! Now there is, introducing Kool Deck, a concrete coating developed in Tucson, Arizona that takes the heat off, literally.

Kool Deck is a colored & textured coating for cement surfaces.  Made of natural substances it utilizes synthetic iron oxide pigments and is completely environmentally and marine life safe. A few of the other befitting characteristics are:yacht

Benefits Of Kool Deck Coatings

  • Drastically lowers the surface temperature of concrete surfaces
  • Holds up better than actual concrete against thermal contraction and expansion
  • Minimal Cleaning Required- can be easily cleaned by being sprayed off with a hose.  Great especially around water with marine life.
  • Comfortable- Has a nice comfortable texture to it for even the most sensitive for feet.
  • Safe- The texture this Kool Deck coating provides offers optimal safety benefits.  It provides a skid free slip resistant surface to ensure less accidents
  • Durability- Stands up to even the toughest of weather elements.  In fact it acts as a protective barrier to the original underlying concrete
  • Curb Appeal- Ok not actually curb but it is pleasing to the eye.  With a generous amount of color choices to choose from you can customize your Kool Deck to a certain extent
  • Cost- Top quality protect for a fraction of other concrete coating prices.  Definitely worth every penny
  • Variety- Hand in hand with curb appeal the fact that you have color options makes it even more cost friendly.